Rick Ledoux Horse Training Stable is an premier horse training facility, located in Loranger Louisiana. With our many years of experience, we can train any horse whether young or old. We train each horse on multiple levels. Each horse is trained and grows at it's own pace. This allows us to prepare each horse indivisually.

Our Basic Teaching Principles Consist of:
Our goal is to create a calm horse that is comfortable around the owner and other human beings.

Our goal is to create a bond between the owner and the horse. We do this by teaching the owner to handle his horse as well as building a comfortability between the owner and the horse. 

 Our goal is to create a unity between the horse and owner. We want the owner to feel safe that their horse will listen and follow commands as needed. The Owner can rest assure they will have a well behaved. 

​Our Fully Functioning Facilities Consist of 
  • Comfortable stables for each horse
  • Arena areas for horses to work out and train in
  • Wide open areas for horses to run and exercise
  • Large areas for grazing
  • Top Quality care by trained professionals
  • Various training stations throughout the training operation